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Apr 5, 2016

Whether you're new to a plant based diet or you've been eating a whole foods diet for years we've all fell prey to some common myths. Many of these myths are what keep people from making the change or are the source of the many questions we get an a nearly daily basis. We had the chance to speak with Paola Aldana-Reyes, a registered and licensed dietitian, about these myths. She gave some hard facts to dispel these misconceptions to help you and others break through to a greater understanding of health.

  1. The protein myth
    1. Animal vs plant protein
    2. Higher protein doesn’t mean “bigger muscles”
    3. Health halo of added protein
  2. Getting inadequate calcium
    1. Milk is not a good source
    2. Dairy uses calcium and minerals to level the system
    3. Plant sources
  3. Excess carbohydrates
    1. Types of carbohydrates
    2. Fruit is a good energy source
    3. Low carb vs high carb (better for energy)
  4. Not getting enough calories
    1. Veggies are low cal high nutrient
    2. Quality calories
    3. Higher calorie foods
  5. Higher food expense
    1. Low cost ideas (frozen and bulk)
    2. Lower medical cost
    3. Pound for pound veggies are cheaper than animal products
  6. Restrictive food choices
    1. Can have vs can’t have
    2. Simply replacing animal products not the whole meal
    3. Assuming we only eat tofu and salads
  7. Constant bloating & gas
    1. Higher fiber content
    2. Typical when starting
    3. Remedies / “low gas” foods (stepping into diet)
  8. Constant nutrient tracking
    1. Torre Washington
    2. Balanced diet
    3. Quality vs quantity (not eating the same things)
  9. Long term sustainability (fad diet)
    1. Greatly reduces risk of preventable illnesses
    2. Much easier now and getting better
    3. Biology
  10. Supplement requirements
    1. B12 and D3
    2. Omega Fatty acids
    3. Getting levels checked (take lowest levels for imbalance)


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