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Curiously Veg Radio sprouted up through an effort to reach plant-based and plant-curious minds alike. Our topics range from discussing scientific studies, tasty plant-based recipes, hot news topics, geeky humor, and informative interviews. The podcast encompasses serious information, personal experience, and creative dialog. Hope and Dave have known each other for over a decade and bring to the mixing board their unique journeys into a plant-based lifestyle. Hope’s extensive research and credentials from eCornell, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and ACE give her a vast library of knowledge and expertise in the fields of health, nutrition, and fitness. Dave adds a flare of personal experience, research, and a devil-may-care attitude. This unique combination will, no doubt, leave you wanting more!
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Dec 29, 2015

We’re ending 2015 with a chat about the positive aspects and thought provoking data on health and being plant-based that came out this year. Hot topics that rounded out the year were COP21, emerging nutrition science, plant-based athletes, and how to handle sticky situations from friends and family.

In this episode, we covered a few tips on creating a healthier lifestyle, integrating a plant-based diet, or going vegan in 2016. This lively talk offers support and information to those who are making a positive change in the upcoming year. We answer questions from those currently living a more ethical lifestyle and we welcome you to ask about anything you would like answered in our podcast.

Dec 15, 2015

Holiday season is upon us, but we got a big gift from Arnold Schwarzenegger when he spoke at the climate change talks in Paris. The icon who uttered the words “you hit like a vegetarian” said that we should be cutting down on meat.


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Dec 8, 2015

Today’s guest is the wonderful Meghan Stoneburner. She’s here to share how she turned her health around by participating the 22-Day Revolution challenge. What started out as just a 22 day trial changed her life, health, and her perception of the world. Meghan opens up about going and staying vegan with a non-vegan family, a full-time job, and settling into the role of being a positive role model. She dishes the good, the bad, and the...potatoes!

You can follow Meghan as she continues her plant-based journey on her blog, VeganlyDelicious.

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