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Jun 21, 2016

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Hope, Dave, and Matt had an amazing weekend at the Asheville VeganFest presented by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Though we were only able to spend one of the two days at the event we saw some amazing speakers, heard some inspiring stories, and our very own vegan renegade was called into action to speak on the vegan athlete panel.

We had some minor technical difficulties but streamed the event over Facebook, it was a great success with a lot viewers. If you somehow missed our streaming you can view them on our Facebook video page. A few of the speakers were able to make to the pre-party as well and we snagged them for a quick chat.

We were also honored to have a few of these speakers sit down with us for a quick "one on two" after their talks.


Renne from Rowdy Girl Sanctuary has an amazing story. She married into the Texas rancher way of life and in an attempt to find solidarity with her rancher husband she raised a calf. While doing so she became aware of it's sentience and began educating herself. Though she struggled to find balance with her internal battles and her marriage she hit a breaking point. Instead of he choice for compassion breaking down her relationship she turned her husband around and converted their cattle ranch into an animal sanctuary.


Matt Frazier is well known as the No Meat Athlete and has a popular podcast (just like us). Matt's transition was slow as he worked his way into a plant-based life. Our short chat with Matt ended up focusing on making small changes and working toward gradual improvement. He also shared how he raises his young children on a vegan diet but at the same time, not sweating the small stuff.


Patrik Baboumian is just as powerful as his name sounds. Considered the strongest man in German, one of the strongest in the world, and holding multiple world records you would assume he would be a meat eating powerhouse. Instead he's a plant eating vegan badass. After Dave fangirled we were still able to get a glimpse into Patriks view on diet, training, how his journey from a meat eater, vegetarian (eating 6lbs of cottage cheese), and finally a vegan was the best decision he's ever made.


We can't state how much we enjoyed our time at VeganFest and we look forward to working with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue more next year. From the speakers, to the vendors, to the companionship of other compassionate minded people we know you'll have a great time as well. We'll see everyone there next year!


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