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May 10, 2016

If you're anything like us you spend quite a bit of time on YouTube looking for great channels that you can connect with and provides information that is both useful and entertaining (hey! Just like us!). There are plenty of channels dedicated to a vegan lifestyle but few compare to the dedication of Emily Barwick, also known as Bite Size Vegan.

What really attracts us to Emily's work is her wide range of video topics and styles. Her ability to produce a video that can appeal to those who need a "wake up call" and/or cold hard facts sets her apart from the other YouTubers. However, she can usually find a way to let her genuine heart and personality shine which really makes her subscribers loyal viewers. Personally, we've seen and used her videos to answer questions in social media posts and groups because she addresses topics so clear.

Along with her traditional, and sometimes silly, videos she also provides a rare service: videos for kids. We know quite a few parent's raising vegan children or working to guide their families toward a more plant based lifestyle. Many of the parents I've talked to tend to have the hardest time explaining these changes to their children. Emily is able to speak honestly to children without over stimulating or talking down to them. She believes children are smart and should be treated as such.


Emily Moran Barwick is an animal liberation activist, artist, educator and the creator of Bite Size Vegan, an ever-expanding free educational resource consisting of a YouTube channel and accompanying website. Her videos range from the very serious and highly researched, to down to earth talks, to using humor to present a very real topic.

She’s one of the very few vegan YouTubers who strives to not only educate the plant based community on how to address other but attempts to help the non-plant based to understand the plant based viewpoint. Regardless of the topic Emily presents the information that is passionate, sincere, and with plenty of her own personality.


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