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Sep 6, 2016

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We hope you've set some time aside for an unexpected therapy session as that's what this episode turned into. Jen Peer-Rich is a unique spirit that, in our opinion, could fill countless episodes. We certainly could learn something new from her and about ourselves with each show. It's safe to say this episode will give you the ability (and permission) to have some inner reflection. After this episode you'll have the tools to be comfortable in who you are and begin to rebuild.

Through all of our laughs, and nearly blowing out Matt's ears, Jen made amazing points. She really forced us to think about how we view ourselves, how those views are part of who we are, and how our thoughts are not really us. We covered quite a bit on the show, to say the least. So much that you'll need to listen more than once to really take each part to heart. Personally, I recommend finding a comfortable couch, laying down and using her words as a guide for inner reflection and finding your strength.


Jen Peer-Rich is the founder of Friends in Presence. She is an alchemist, artist, speaker, and author, focusing on themes of conscious living, ecological sanity, and cultural evolution. Her message attracts brave humans, who dare to investigate themselves in an honest psychological inquiry that challenges the lie of separation from nature. Jen established Friends in Presence as a celebration of individual and collective healing.


Friends in Presence is a movement upholding the inherent sanity of psyche and spirit as vital expressions of nature. This 501c(3) nonprofit organization operates under the umbrella of the Alliance of Divine Love, an international interfaith ministry.

Friends in Presence is a resource to connect, inform,investigate and integrate conscious living through autognosis and direct experience. It is based on the idea that restoration of natural intelligence is not only possible, it is our human birthright. We don't have to be caged by confusion. We do have to be brave- we must go deeper and begin an inner investigation.



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