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Apr 10, 2018

Show Notes:


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Serious illness can take a lot out of person, nothing more than a cancer diagnosis. After battling through cancer and being told there's nothing that could be done to prevent the disease, Naomi Green took her life and health into her own hands. She switched to a plant based diet and proved to the world that eating a whole foods vegan diet can prevent and stave off many illnesses.

In our conversation we discuss her diagnosis story, battling with her oncologist, and leading others to a healthy and happy lifestyle through whole foods plant based eating. Not only do we discuss diet but more tennents she lives by and teaches to further nurture the mind and body.

Naomi Green is a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator who is also certified in plant-based nutrition from the eCornell T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Naomi specializes in helping people go whole food vegan and get serious health benefits fast. She has been coaching private clients and groups both remotely and locally and running a free online Facebook support group for those going vegan and presenting whole food vegan cooking workshops, cooking parties and corporate wellness program events around the Tampa Bay Area since recovering from breast cancer treatment in 2014 and she credits both yoga and going vegan with her health, healing and happiness.

You can find her at her website and her Facebook page Going Vegan for Health.


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