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Dec 20, 2016

Show Notes:


The time of year approaches where we sit down and write out what our hopes for the new year will be. For some of us that's weightloss, or learning an instrument, or maybe just spending more time with the family. New year's resolutions always start with good intentions but few of us manage to reach our goals and abandon soon after pledging to keep them.

Maybe the problem is how you set up your resolutions from the beginning or possibly not doing the leg work to make sure you stay on track. I take a moment to express some solid ideas on creating a resolution, as well as tips to maintain momentum to stay on track. Setting up solid goals and making sure you're constantly on a path to success will ensure you see results by the year's end.

Make the new year a bit more about you. Focus on improving who you are so you can help others improve around you.


Here are my quick tips to get the details, check out the show.

  • Define your why
  • Make your resolutions small and achievable
  • Break your resolution into steps
  • Keep your number of resolutions down
  • Be specific where possible
  • Expect setbacks
  • Keep a log or a journal
  • Fine tune your resolutions
  • Make it part of your routine


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