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Jul 19, 2016

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There’s nothing like have a good friends on the show to talk about their deep knowledge and expertise. Our guest, Scott Shetler, definitely has both. We met Scott through the local vegan channels and Hope and Dave both follow his facebook page as well as enjoy his work in the vegan power and strength community. His work and dedication to an ethical lifestyle while showing what exceptional functional strength training can do for athletes and the average joe alike, is astonishing.

We had a great time talking with Scott about overall benefits of functional strength and power training from swimmers, to mma fighters, to those of us that want to shed extra weight and enjoy a healthy life. In true Curiously Veg fashion we managed to detour into discussions about infighting with the plant-based community and Scott’s love to pull some great pranks on his lifting buddies. Of all the interviews we’ve done this is absolutely like being the fly on the wall, while good friends laugh and talk about eating plants, lifting iron, and meditating (as Scott so perfectly puts it).


Scott is the owner of Extreme Performance Training Systems, a professional training center located in Atlanta, Georgia, and Plant-Based Performance, a book series that donates 100% of all sales to animal welfare. He has a degree in Health and Physical Education and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). In addition, Scott is the host of Strength and Health TV, a video blog series where he talks about, and interviews others, on topics related to strength, health and fitness.

He has authored numerous books including his most recent “Abundant Health: Fitness for the Mind, Body, and Spirit”, co-authored “Eat Plants, Lift Iron” with Stic of hip hop duo Dead Prez and holistic nutritionist Afya Ibomu.

Scott has served as a strength & conditioning contributor to the leading Mixed Martial Arts magazine, Fight! Magazine; Physique MMA Magazine; and is the Kettlebell Training Specialist for Tapout’s Virtual Training Center (VTC) program.



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