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Mar 8, 2016

It's rare to have the opportunity to have a candid conversation with someone so open and kind as verified metalhead Sonny Mayo. Between his life on the road, recovery, spirituality, and choosing compassion it's hard not to be awestruck and inspired.

As a phenomenal guitarist you undoubtedly have heard him play with Snot, Sevendust, or his current band Ugly Kid Joe. After his bout with drugs and alcohol he joined up with fellow musicians to form Rock to Recovery that uses music to aid in the healing for others turning to a life of sobriety. In addition to his music and outreach Sonny spends as much time as he can with other loves, his doGs. I know what you're saying, "You've got a typo there guys!" Nope, Sonny goes into detail about how his doG saved his life, aided in his turn to a plant-based diet, and how he sees doG is goD.

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